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Data Security & Privacy Intro


The Introduction provides context on data security and privacy issues in K-12 education, introduces NYS education law 2-d, and discusses privacy challenges and concerns.

Presentation Materials

Documents and Links

  • Securing Student Data

    Analyst report on technical measures and security steps districts that every school district should take by Bob Moore, RJMStrategies LLC.

  • Student Data Privacy

    Analyst report student data privacy issues and a to-do list for school leaders by Bob Moore, RJMStrategies LLC.

  • Student Data Principles

    10 foundational principles for using and safeguarding student’s personal information from, a collection of national education organizations representing a range of perspectives, experience and stakeholders.

  • NYSED Student Data Elements List

    List of data elements collected in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS). SIRS provides a single source of standardized individual student records for analysis at the local, regional, and State levels to improve student performance and to meet State and federal reporting and accountability requirements.

  • School Privacy Summit Video

    U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan speaking at the Student Data Privacy Summit.